15 Bar Espresso Coffee Maker 2 Cup /w Built-in Steamer Frother and Bean Grinder

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$595.48 USD

Taste of life enjoy coffee life creator! Everything you need for a cup of fragrant coffee starts from our espresso machine.

The espresso machine uses precise grinding and even heating for great-tasting espresso. From bean to espresso in less than 1 minute. The conical grinder features 30 adjustable grind settings for fresh espresso with every use. This unique grinding technology allows the coffee to fully express the incredible aroma intense flavors and distinctive character. Featuring a PID temperature control system and professional pressure system the machine can offer the perfect environment for the extraction giving you the control and consistency for delicious tasting coffee every time. Meanwhile the single or double cup control dispenses the correct amount of water for 1 or 2 shots of espresso. A powerful steam wand produces creamy froth and frothing milk for cappuccinos lattes and more.

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  • 30 adjustable grind settings to deliver the freshly ground coffee in the ideal size
  • PID temperature control for precise water temperature
  • Steam wand produces creamy froth and micro-foam milk
  • The professional pump delivers the right pressure for maximum flavor extraction
  • Dispenses the correct amount of water for 1 or 2 shots of espresso
  • The quick preheating function can start the steam within 10 seconds
  • 67 oz removable water tank easy to fill water and wash

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